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Note: Missions starting with "A" or "An", are listed by the succeeding word.

Amarr Excavators (Amarr) Level 4
Ambush the Convoy (Blood Raider) Level 4
Ambush the Convoy (Serpentis) Level 4
An Advantageous Catastrophe (Gallente Federation) Level 4
Angel Cartel Spies, The (Angel Cartel) Level 4
Angel Extravaganza (Angel Cartel) Level 4
Anomaly, The (Rogue Drones) Level 4
Are You Receiving? (Angel Cartel & Amarr) Level 4
Assault, The (Guristas Pirates) Level 4
Assault, The (Minmatar Republic) Level 4
Assault, The (Serpentis) Level 4
Attack of the Drones (Rogue Drones) Level 4